Tracy's Ark Ranch Dairy Goats - Mini Silky Fainting,

Saanen, LaMancha, Nubian,  Alpine , and Nigerian Dwarf Goats on a 25 Acre Ranch in Medina, TX


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We now have five Mini Dexter Heifers and one registered White Dexter bull non-Chondro gene.  Two heifers are bred and due soon.  Can't wait to see their babies!!!

Anna gave us a New Year Baby Bull this 2021!!!!   She says "Goodbye 2020 and Hello 2021!"

His name is Nicholas and he will be available upon weaning.

Some of our cute farm animals


Our darling new 2021 Lamb, Cinnamon!!!


Irene and her heifer Lillian

Donnie the deer, our rescued Axis deer.

He is our ranch Mascot and getting big now but so friendly!

Donnie the deer loves to groom our Italian Maremma Sheepdog, Francesca, our Livestock Guardian dog.   They are amazing dogs, very smart and intuitive!   We LOVE this breed to guard our goats and Donnie the deer!!!

Donnie the deer loves to play with the neighbor's dogs and run up and down the fence with them.  It is really amazing to watch how harmonious they are!!!!