Mini White Dexter Cows

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Tracy's Ark Ranch Dairy Goats

We have Mini Silky Fainting Goats, Saanen, LaMancha, Nubian,  Alpine , Mini Alpine and Nubian, Nigerian Dwarf Goats,  Mini Dexter Cows and Katahdin sheep along with chickens, ducks, and our pet White Heritage Midget Turkey.

We are in Texas Hill Country.

Fun on the farm Bed & Breakfast!

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Swim Spa Sunset.jpg

Sunset view from the Swim Spa

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My Gazebo at night

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Tracy and Maremma puppy.jpg

One of our Maremma Sheepdog litters.  We may have a litter in 2024.

We now have Three Mini Dexter Heifers and one registered White Dexter bull non-Chondro gene.  As of January 2022 I am waiting for two of my cows to calf.  One is a black Chondro heifer and the other is a Registered White Dexter heifer.  Both are bred to my Registered White Dexter Bull, Winston.

Anna gave us a 2021 New Year's Day Baby Bull!

His name is Nicholas and he is now at a petting zoo in Iowa along with two of our wethered goats enjoying the good life with lots of love and food!

Anna is bred to Winston our double White bull.  Both are registered with the WDCA.  Her calf will be available upon weaning.


Nicholas and Winston.JPG

This is Winston our full size breeder bull along with Nicholas.

Some of our special farm animals

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Dawn the Fawn my pet Axis Deer

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Irene and her Chondro heifer, Lillian

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We are located in South Central Hill Country, Texas, 26 miles south of Kerrville and 60 miles NW of San Antonio.

Baby Michael wants to nurse Giovanni!